Follow school reports

Periodic bulletins, usually monthly, summarize the evaluations of the month. They mainly reflect the work at home. Quarter end transcripts include compositions in class. They mainly reflect the synthesizing skills and resistance to stress of limited compositions time. See more

Not to judge but to encourage

Evaluations or decrease in the average generally draw us to react. It is then for us to judge the facts more than the child himself. Rather than devalue our child, it should share with him the solution toward its progression. Often, increased participation in class (questions and answers requested by the teacher) See more

Adapt monitoring to each child

Do not compare the results of brothers and sisters in front of them. See more

Harmonize their lifestyle

Encourage their regular work... See more

Cultural activities

The discovery by our children of new areas of knowledge will promote the development of their curiosity See More

Collective activities

Group tours and team sports foster openness to others. See More
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Access to the various modules (absences, notes, sanctions, invoicing ...) can be set by the institution according to the user's profile (students, parents, teachers). The institutions news are displayed depending on classes and groups of students.

Your personal information belongs to you, Educanet promises complete confidentiality of your information. Only the user himself can remove or change its own information. Educanet provides highly secure access.


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